About Us


    CMSA INW Chapter is a professional organization of case managers from all disciplines of this unique component of the health care team. We work on behalf of the patient, as an advocate for them, to ensure that they receive those health care services prescribed by their provider in as timely and affordable a fashion as possible. We are in the hospital, the clinic, rehab, long term care, health insurance plans, home health, L&I, etc. and there are a bunch of us who are independent of any specific organization. We all strive to make the patient’s health care experience one that engages the patient in their care, encourages them to follow the best practices in care for their illness, and troubleshoot the obstacles and/or burdens that would impede their course of illness.

    As a Corporate Sponsor of our organization you would be supporting ongoing education on new therapies, devices, pharmaceuticals, ancillary services, and most recently, the changes in the delivery of health care under health care reform. Essentially, the case manager is at the epicenter of quality improvement, patient satisfaction and cost containment while advocating for everything that is essential to the best outcomes for any given patient. We are a completely voluntary organization with a 501C-3 designation. The support you provide goes entirely to the benefit of our members and non-member attendees.

    Depending on the level of sponsorship, your organization will have the visibility commensurate with that level. You will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of case managers and their organizations. Additionally, there is the opportunity to explain to our group those products and services that you offer to the health care continuum.

    Please consider joining us as a Corporate Sponsor for 2014. This will allow us to do so much more in this era of rapidly changing requirements and provide your organization with a venue to expand your business services.

    We appreciate your consideration of this opportunity and look forward to working with you.

    The Board of the CMSA INW